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RSA to restrict imports, offer extra sops to buy indigenous goods

1703 - 2021

South Africa will clamp down on illegal import of goods and offer additional incentives to support buying of indigenous products, President Cyril Ramaphosa recently told the Proudly South African Summit and Expo 2021. Apart from its own procurement commitments, the government is working to lower entry barriers to make it easier for businesses to establish and grow, he said.

RSA to restrict imports

To reduce import dependence, small business local procurement thresholds for the public sector will be introduced, the president said.

The clothing, textile, footwear and leather sector has embraced the localisation drive, pledging half a billion rand to the expansion of local manufacturing sites.

“We must ask every South African to take a conscious decision to buy local goods. Our message must be that wherever you may be in the country, be Proudly South African,” said Ramaphosa.

“Wear local, travel local, eat local, watch local content, read local authors, support local music, and use local raw materials in your businesses. Proudly South African must move beyond being a campaign,” he added.


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